100 Performances for the Hole

Over six years we completed four iterations of the 100 Performances for The Hole. This is a marathon of time-based performance. Each performance lasts just two minutes and takes place in, around, in contradiction of, or is inspired by “The Hole".  This project began at the Garage Biennale and moved in 2010 to SOMArts Cultural Center. Each performer is given one minute to set up and one to clean up or four minutes to do as they’s like. It is fast and furious and human and a one-of-a-kind look into the Bay Area’s performance art community. Below are images shot by Astra J. Brinkman and Hewitt Visuals. In 2019, in collaboration with SOMArts, we will be producing a new, more succinct version featuring 40 performances for the 40th anniversary of SOMArts.