Silver and Trimph of Fame

Justin Hoover presents two performance in two cities by the remarkable Marie-Caroline Hominal A.K.A., the MAD-Moiselle.

The first is Silver, a sound and stage performance at Aggregate space followed Triumph of Fame, a series of 40 private one-on-one performances of private yacht in Santa Cruz.  email Justin Hoover to reserve your spot.

Marie-Caroline Homnal presents Silver at Aggregate space Thursday the 22nd at 8:00 PM. 

This Swiss dancer and performer, (known under various pseudonyms: MCH, Mademoiselle MCH, Berries or Fly Girl), works with sound, movement, and light choreography using a specifically designed set.  As she performs the back drop changes reflecting her emotion and the cadence of the work.  With her body and choreography she explores the idea of identity transformations and anonymity- construction of the subject, its ability to change and the foundation of its existence. As a dancer and sound artist she collaborated with artists such as Pita (Peter Rehberg- chief of the legendary record company: Mego), Cristian Vogel or Clive Jenkins.

Special thanks to the generosity of our hosts, Aggregate space.

Triumph of Fame by Marie-Caroline Hominal

Join the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History for an intimate, members-only exploration of poetic movement and performance as part of our event series for Everybody’s Ocean on January 23rd and 24th. Everybody’s Ocean is a exhibition that is a tribute to the sea and our relationship to it. It’s a massive exhibition covered floor-to-ceiling with 167 works of art about the ocean from people all over Santa Cruz County and Northern California.

In the Triumph of Fame explore a private space with Swiss choreographer Marie-Caroline Hominal in a one-on-one performance of her work.  This piece is designed specifically to occur on a yacht.  You’ll be welcomed into the boat cabin where Hominal creates a vulnerable moment of intimacy between spectator and performer.

The work is inspired by the Italian poet Petrarch’s “i Trionfi“.  This poem describes the phases of life as opposing virtues: Fame wins over Death but is defeated by Time and Eternity.  You’ll experience a private vocal and movement performance lasting 15 minutes. It will be repeated throughout the day.  Each viewer will be alone with the artist as she performs.  There will be moments of nudity and this performance is only for adult audiences.