Giving You My Eyes

Giving You My Eyes is a performance that took place over three hours starting at the Performance Art Institute in Union Square, San Francisco.  The piece involved donning a blindfold into which was built a live-streaming iPhone.  The phone's video stream connected to a gallery monitor and in my ear was an earpiece connected to a different mobile phone.  On the other end of the phone was my "Operator", a trustworthy person in the gallery who was watching the live screen.  Essentially, the Operator watched the screen and navigated me through voice as I stood up in the gallery and attempted to walk blindly through busy streets at dusk to the Ferry Building at Embarcadero an get on the boat.   Largely, this piece dealt with surveillance and online technologies as a new way we put trust in our immediate friends and family. Self-surveillance, in a way can be a very positive thing and in fact using ready made online platforms and devices we can in fact find support even in dangerous moments.