War Gastronomy: Recipes of Relocation

War Gastronomy is a dual-industrial tricycle system that unfolds into a pop-up food cart and cultural archive. Together, Chris Treggiari and Justin Hoover trade food for personal stories of relocation (cultural, geographic, emotional, psychological, etc) as told to us by participants. You provide us a story of your own relocation and pair it with a symbolic recipe and we will cook your recipe and tell your story. All food served is served along with the story behind it as you told it to us and we only serve food given to us by people with whom we engage.

War Gastronomy Live! with your hosts Chris Treggi and Justin Hoover and special guest contestants.

War Gastronomy was designed as a street intervention cart in order to intersect public space tp engage unexpecting audiences. In this series we are pictured with my father, Will Hoover, on Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley, CA as public programming in conjuction with The Brower Center for the Arts.